Orsini represents quality, service and refined design. Craftsmanship and tradition go hand in hand with contemporary and classic designs and a particular focus on wedding rings. For our collections, whether it concerns finished goods or our own creations, we work together with reputed Belgian and international designers and producers. Our collections are sure to inspire you.


Bigli creates jewellery with contemporary designs in authentic materials, to suit every occasion: birthdays, weddings or births. Exciting stories you might say, and that includes yours. The Bigli designers craft high-quality and contemporary designs which are both inspiring and memorable. And only the best materials are good enough for your jewel. That’s Bigli, your story is worth telling.


The Marco Bicego collections are an ode to beauty and show off the quality and secrets of Italian jewellery design. The designs stand for finesse, elegance and class, and are inspired by nature’s imperfections. Such imperfections create harmony, balance and magnificent forms, resulting in a unique and pioneering design, and a jewel that is both inspiring and captivating. Discover the special collections of Marco Bicego.


Davice is Italian design at its best. The brand is synonymous with Italian style in exclusive jewellery, a style that is inspiring thanks to the perfect mix of classical beauty and modern design. The blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern design gives this jewellery its unique character. Discover the special and Italian character of these unique jewellery collections.


Each jewel itself translates personal emotions and provides balance to both body and personal environment. Its creation breaths out the old oriental philosophy of Feng Shui, in which “chi” – seen as a positive life-force – is the key element. Hence, apart from finely selected craftsmanship and exclusive aesthetic perfection, these fine masterpieces offer more than meets the eye.

Enjoy this jewel, for it is much more than just a preciousness. It‘s a reminiscence  and a musing. It’s a romantic fairytale of the most fascinating gathering of enchanted class, positive energy and harmonious equilibrium, conceived in the moonlit décor of your own ultimate fantasy…


LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE signature is the NUDE DIAMOND, free of setting, to be worn like a second skin.

This magical process reveals the diamond from every angle and enhances its brightness. Thanks to this concept, LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE gives a new twist to a timeless piece: the solitaire diamond. Its creations are intimate and sensual, women can wear them daily, in an easy and personal way.

The inspiration comes from high jewellery pieces which mix set stones with twinkling diamonds free of claws.

LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE catch this amazing effect and propose it on easy-to-wear jewel pieces.

True to its savoir faire and desire to show stones as they have never been shown before, LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE extends its NUDE DIAMOND concept to colored precious stones with the latest CONFETTI collection. Rubies, sapphires emeralds, tsavorites … will now also be featured at 360°.